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The Y2K21 Isolation Season


Jun. 20, 2021

Y2K21 I'm tasked with the inevitable update after doing some cleaning up on the site. Mostly did this because people actually came into the Discord instead of the IRC which I'm properly shutting down here soon. The web IRC is down already. Working on some new software that'll eventually be used here as some form of like development sandbox I guess. Not enough visitors to care if anybody bumps into some live debugging output on HKL.

The new software will have a bunch of stuff, even live anonymous commentary under the blog entries and the site customizations will be back so you can do whatever it is you want with the color scheme. Hoping it makes the site end more interesting. Please join the Discord, the invite is in the widget on the site. XMPP service is still alive. If you want an account just add yourself one from Pidgin or something. I might tie in special privileges to the XMPP login right on the site. Nothing fancy but it's an interesting little hook to use logins and messengers.

In COVID times it seems I kept my sanity better than most. I am built like an isolation tank. This was nothing. Looking forward to new members. Wish I could've picked up more during the pandemic since people were running around but I was alone pmuch in the IRC most of it lol. Maybe I'll add to this article, or make another though. Just a quick update for now.