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What's The Deal?

Sept. 15, 2019

Cup of Noodles I dunno why I made this site, honestly. I've been in the "hikikomori" community before and even met some "so totally kawaii" person from there. Turned out they were a psycho. Insert shock. I won't be tricked in that regard again. I'm giving it a second go though. Try to share ideas on how to live. How to breathe in your own space and make it on your own sorta. Sorta is good enough, right? I have motivation enough right now to put a step forward so I'm going to. The IRC is definitely the best way to start building some sort of connection, so use that if you're visiting here. I can't imagine random people finding this website. Like why would you want to? At any rate I'm hungry and can't even eat the damn ramen in this picture here. I really like it. I like more fancy ramen bowls and stuff but this one is weird, I like the noodle texture and spice used. I went keto and eat leaves and meat instead. I still miss ramen though. My room is a mess. I own too much stuff. I'll take pictures some time and add them to the blog entries. I watch anime, Japanese TV, even learning Japanese so I can understand it without subtitles.. I'm that person. I wouldn't consider myself a Japanophile or a weeb but if it's worth anything I've probably read over 500 manga books and I do think Japan is cooool with some measure of reality vs. fantasy. The blog is gonna kinda be a rant style blog so just bear with me here.

I'm pretty well off though. I manage to make money working at home because I do development, but I don't really talk to anybody. I don't really have any online friends. I used to, but things change and people change and that's mostly the problem. In real life I only talk to one person. I haven't gone anywhere but the hospital in over a year now. I'm not sick or anything, I just had a problem I had to deal with and it required some medicine, so I did that. Good thing too it was my first year going through the process of getting health insurance. Well, I guess this is all for now. The site is under development and I wanted a first post along with the IRC up and running, so visit that.