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The Absolute Isolation of Hikikomori.Life Site

Sept. 16, 2019

Bored I'm still here. The doomed to be lonely project. I still check the IRC, only bots come in. You're welcome here. I dunno what steps to take to gather people who isolate away. In of itself seems like, why would you seek communication when you want to be alone, but my end I use the Internet for a form of communication and maybe some of you guys do too whether it be using Twitter, Facebook or some other thing. I have XMPP at maideninch@hikikomori.life

I know it's not much, but it's impossible to start somewhere if you're going nowhere. I forgot to check the forum and got spam loaded. I deleted 30,000 spam bots from the site in a single swipe. I mean it was easy, nobody real signed up. I'll add some spam blocking registration code, it's obviously not top priority in our current state. I just wanted to drop this message though if anybody is filtering in here at all and thinking the project is abandoned. It's not. I do check the IRC more than anything else. If you join you should just stay in it. Use a real IRC client and if you're interested in idling I can setup some preferred bouncer like ZNC for local users to stay connected when you device/computer is turned off and you can stay in the IRC even when you're disconnected. Just join and ask, be patient, I'll pop in.