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Life Again in a New Home


Oct. 16, 2021

New Home Settling into the new home has been difficult. Was worse than last year since I had to chug everything up the stairs like "the little engine that could". On top of likely being infected by COVID because nobody here wears masks anymore it was pretty much hell. At least I can get back to being distant from these people. Those trips out to prep for the move def made me sick, think I even had a non-COVID flu on top of it later. I better be immune to everything after all this. I had bout enough!

Now the other half of the business with moving, is undoing the moving process and putting everything up. Definitely much harder than packing it. I can't even find everything yet, some box mazes are still present in the house of this writing but I have the shelves almost filled up at this point. Next I gotta set up the rest of the miscellaneous equipment and then I can get back to working on more things when the comf zone is finally snapped in and the dust in this place settles. I'll have to do some rigourous cleaning.

As far as The Isolation Zone is concerened, it is what it is. You'll see the slow leak of progress come in and things will eventually complete even if nobody cares about the side projects. Not a big deal, like I've mentioned in chat I like the journey so the concept of popularity wasn't on the table as far as any of this stuff goes. I do have some more content-level expansion ideas on the horizon tho so that'll start to randomly pop in.

The new place is small but it should be able to fill out nicely. I have a balcony at least and the privacy level is MUCH better. I've been left alone so far the entire time being up here. So, hopefully positive vibes ahead. The last place was depressing and I just wanted out almost as soon as I got in. Sadly the pandemic limited my options to get this done (2nd floor) the first time so I had to wait a whole year to get it which means moving twice in a relatively short span of time.

Looking forward to what will be the next shape HKL will take. I hope it's at least a comfortable zone for everybody in there right now and we can perhaps expand the random entertainments we share. Everything is on "eventually" status, kinda like websites that never take down the "under construction" graphic back in the 90s. I still gotta balance funding this place so I hope I can do a few cash grabs before the end of the year that'll allow me the time to get more chances to do some of these tasks around here. Right now I'm still just recovering from moving and still in the line of fire of all the dust and crap stirring up around here while unboxing affecting my breathing so its made me a bit tired. At least I survived COVID for the 3rd time.