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MiTV - maideninch TV? MAIDEN INCH TV!


Jul. 09, 2021

Information? Blog?

This is a live player. Fudging with the slider or pausing will set your video off from the live play. It will catch up next video in progress if you are not up to sync with the feed. Reloading will also resync you with the live feed. If you leave it alone, it should be fine. The feed can very well be fullscreened on a separate monitor and you can join the IRC with your own client on another monitor. If you're in the webIRC and notice the feed is off sync use the Live Sync button below the video to catch it up or you'll also disconnect IRC reloading your browser, also useful for people who fullscreen in separate browser to reduce reload syncing time. The syncing mechanisms should generally keep people about a second or two apart at most and try to come back together per next video to resync. The player starts muted, this is a feature not a bug. YouTube enforces this I suspect to combat any sort of abuse of the autoplay feature. Just unmute it when you get here. Mobile autoplay may not work at all. I don't suspect mobile users to be using this site though. Get in a position of having 2+ monitors if you don't already. It's worth it. If you're at home a lot like me, it's essential to have everything to remain comfortable. Anyways, what is this? A blog post and a watch party portal? Yes! :)

IRC Server Information

This is what you'd put in if you wanted to use a custom IRC client like HexChat, irsii, mIRC or whatever.
  • Server: irc.hikikomori.life (Might work if you just click this)
  • Ports: 6667/6697(SSL)
  • Channel: #hikikomori
  • Nick Registration: Yes, you'll have to learn how to use NickServ though.