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Being Found On The Web

Sept. 26, 2019

Never Found The cold truth is this place may never be found by anybody. I am prepared for that reality as at times it's inevitability. I don't do what everybody else is doing. I'm not sharing memes, lurking social media all day trying to acquire whatever it is people are looking for there. I'm just a programmer and even within that crowd I'm mostly unwelcome. I have to be somebody else to fit in somewhere and I'm not interested. My entire effort here could be a complete waste of tireless hours of trying to do something that is mostly a long shot. Being found on the web is pretty hard these days when a lot of people only care about what happens on a handful of sites where the validation of something clicking "like" has a value to them. It's pretty inconsequential if the likes, retweets, or whatever validation system these sites have are gained by one's effort or quality. People are fine with just being funny because somebody else was funny and they shared or retweeted it. Sometimes the most stupid things get momentum and validation while those who try really hard are left in the dark to keep moving forward but it's not that easy. There is always this severe hump when you break out from a norm or standard, especially in a global platform like the web and people who visit aren't hit with instantly installed communities full of people who couldn't care less about them. It's been about quantity more than quality on the web for a long time and the big boys running the game know how to pull the strings of the people playing. I might never be found here. I don't jump up and down for a following and there is also the chance that nobody will actually care because any new community is faced with the truth of not having an initial community for new people to be greeted by. Right now it's just me. Still developing for numerous projects and here. The deck is stacked against this place as people who are even defined as shut-in's have found communtiy in games and of course social media. I call the forum "anti-social media" because it's almost passe to be part of one. The high interaction of social media being the preference puts anything like that at risk of failing. To me, those are the communities that should matter most. The focused ones not run by billion/trillionaires selling our information and treating us like a statistic in the large machine that they endlsesly tweak to make people more addicted to their brand of conditioning people for their own ends. Oh well. I await change.