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So We're Doing A Thing(s)


Jul. 05, 2021

Meet Papika I added a BOT to the Discord, Papika!! I figure if any bot is gonna be in our chat.. it's our bot. I dunno what to program into it yet. I have one idea but it's for the website. If I can do it, it'll be cool. I want to make some fun interaction features though. The rest of the bots are cut off into isolated non-readable chats. Doesn't matter. They have their limited use I'm using right now. Hopefully you guys like the music. If you wanna vibe with me, that's the kinda music I'll put on. It has a lot of variety but you won't hear anything new, or recent, or kinda recent. So enjoy? I guess?

I made a media room too if you wanna get into my vibe some more. It's probably gonna be some fun background media for some of us. Soon I'll be rolling out some custom mixtape format video series. I have to setup all the hardware. It's been hot lately and I wanted to get it done in one night but it turned out to be a BIG task for me so it's not done yet! I'll get there. It'll be fun.

I'm enjoying the Discord, I hope I can do a few things that are entertaining enough to have a lil fun while we're all visiting and stuff. I will do my best to keep things neato and fun. We'll slowly try to integrate some method of putting media on while we're all doing stuff or something. Something to laugh togehter maybe. Something to discover new media with me by exploring my collection of out of print stuff and weird mixtape world. Just a lil added bonus for all of us to have. Don't forget to join the Discord(!) if you're just a reader here. The widget is on the site, click "Join The Isolation Zone"!

Update: Minor use for the new Papika bot so far. It lists the music we're listening to on Discord directly on the site! Ooooh!