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Cruel Summer


Jul. 01, 2022

TheLoungeSo I guess first things first is people who are losing trust in Discord can now use TheLounge on our IRC server. You'll have to contact me with a username and password (that you can change after) for access. It will allow your connection to stay connected to IRC even if you are not or have a crappy Internet connection that disconnects a lot. So that's NOT the cruel summer part.

A crappy 2022 update for the summer is I have to wait TWO weeks almost now for this air conditioner to get fixed so I get to be tortured by some of the worst weeks coming up this year for heat. Temperature is 32C as I type this. :(

I had intended to reimplement the MiTV thing but I ended up actually rewriting the code and right now it only handles raw video files but I will put the YouTube implementation in there soon as well.

HPe ProLiantTwitch streams will resume soon enough but I took my workstation down (that generates a lot of heat) and Im using a crappy Dell i5 deskpro which this model is basically a desktop PC with a shitty laptop interior. I need some more power to really do a good Twitch stream but I will be able to do it if I use perhaps play some DOS game or use an NES emulator. It just sucks using a capture card with this PC right now. So who knows with that. I have one stream recorded already from Final Fantasy Randomizer that I will upload here if anybody likes a good chaotic RPG run. I think I took about an hour an a half to beat it, I forget.

As usual, please be patient as I have a tendency to either get super distracted by other tasks or have tunnel vision while working so all this hobby stuff kinda goes on the backburner longer than I wanted.

XMPP service is ka-put, gone, poof. I'm exchanging it's functionality for people using TheLounge so if you're interested please contact me on Discord for an account.