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Coding an IRC Client

Sept. 22, 2019

Sept. 24, 2019

Zero Cool Hackers Well, that was fun. Put on #OHR2019 with day 2 still ahead and finished up most of the main functionality of a project I started a year ago. I wrote an IRC client and implemented it here. I based it on NodeJS's irc-connect module which leaves you with most of the work to do on your own cuz I wanted to avoid bloat but the module was so simple I didn't want to reinvent the wheel either. It handles pretty minor stuff to bridge the connection from a websocket and IRC. Hopefully the JS front-end I did is satisfactory to anybody who visits the website. It has all the customizations this website has for the site itself so you can do that if you like. I added a few default themes but they're kinda wack and I'll end up changing them. Technically I recommend using a full-feature IRC client but this will help get some IRC newbs in the door hopefully. Strange to think people could be new to IRC with how long it's been around but it seems certain pockets of generations just blew right by it and used something else like instant messagers... which we also have. Anyways, the IRC client still needs work of course. I don't have SSL support yet cuz I have to learn some of the ways of IRCv3 since deciding to go with an IRC server that supports it. Shouldn't be too rough. Right now everybody will be able to use basic messaging features through the WebIRC. WebIRC+SSL is fully enabled now. I was going to use Mibbit but I hate their program. It's kinda bulky, slow and unreliable at times. Besides, they never got back to me about my CGIIRC block so people didn't look like they were all coming from *.mibbit.com. Whatever. I guess we're not cool enough.

This is an ongoing project. I know I say this a lot, but hey it's a blog and I did work hard on the WebIRC end so visit the IRC @ https://hikikomori.life/IRC/. I'm awake most hours of any day so if it seems I'm just idling I'm probably sleeping so sit tight and idle. I'll be there as "maideninch". If you want a vhost, I'll set you up one.

Acid Burn Hackers Day 2 of OHR2019 was cool. Lots of artists I never heard before. Coded through it and was tinkering with containers all day, still am, but figured I'd update the "code all day" kinda article I'd just done. Good stuff for coding, all the fast, speedy, bumping stuff. I'm entertaining several ideas to bring to this site to gain more entertaining zones to screw around/hang out in when we're able to build a certain critical mass of members. If I could get about 25 regulars on the IRC and forum I'd def be more apt to hit up the idea of things like a MUD, a BBS w/ door games, shells for IRC n stuff. I'll end up working on it anyway and am open to ideas, I can pmuch code anything. Oh yeah, I don't hate the movie hackers.. if you watch it has a hacker fantasy/cyberpunk type movie, it's totally OK. People in my circle back when took it too seriously, I do not. It's pretty fun. Think I'm gonna put it on later. :P

Razor & Blade Hackers I ended up watching Wargames after, even that horrible sequel "The Dead Code". It's amazing they thought it was a good idea to bring back Falken as a not even close to the original Falken. What the hell.