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No Sleep Adventure

Sept. 16, 2019

No Sleep I don't like sleep. I hear a lot of other hikikomori do. I prefer to be awake with my code, my servers (I have tons), games, music, etc. I spent the last 3 days setting up various things, servers, coding, writing, compiling stuff, upgrading, searching, queuing up a lot of anime for the backdrop. No sleep. I didn't use any drugs so you may imagine how difficult this journey was. I expect to sleep over 12 hours as a result. It did result in trying out a lot of new forum software though. It's been awhile. I even put an eggdrop in the IRC which was been even longer since I touched one of those. I'm gonna add a bunch of scripts to that. I might setup a MUD server if that sounds fun for our hopefully future members. I'll customize the maps, items, etc. I'll likely go with some odd universe as a backdrop. I also can toss some skills at doing some cool game-like stuff with NodeJS. I've been meaning to do it anyways. I have nothing but time to juggle things. I enjoy coding, I enjoy doing "things". Eventually I'll need to find some time to play some video games but I can just as easily substitute lots of coding and have the same kinda fun. The adventure is cool. The IRC is lonely, please join. I check often so don't go in and disappear, just idle or say hello and idle. I'll pop up. I have all the time in the world...